As the novel illustrates, the non-Biblical golden rule governs the modern world:




This rule governs all three branches of the U.S. government, as well as the administrative agencies and the media. The question now is, who has the gold?


Because the dollar is no longer backed by physical gold, gold is merely a metaphor for money at this point. (However, it is interesting that China has been buying tons of physical gold for several years, and has accumulated one of the largest stockpiles in the world. No one knows how much physical gold the U.S. has because this has not been audited for many years. However, countries who have stored their gold in the U.S. are reporting resistance by the Federal Reserve when they've asked for their gold back.)


The real wealth in today's world is not gold; it is equity. So the Rule of Equity means that whoever owns the equity will rule. Just like companies or households that have more debt than equity, and so are considered debtors at the mercy of their creditors, countries that are deeply in debt are also debtors and they are at the mercy of their creditors. 


Who are the creditors of the United States of America?

Most Americans are concerned about the federal debt, although most don't know what it really is. Since 2008, the federal government has borrowed around $5 trillion dollars. That's 5,000 billion dollars. The total debt now is around $17 trillion. Some of the money is borrowed from foreigners, some from Americans (through pension funds, mutual funds, etc.) and some from the Federal Reserve.

The graph below shows the major owners of federal debt.

To whom do American taxpayers pay interest?

During 2013, the U.S. Treasury "sold" most of the new debt to the Federal Reserve. This is what is commonly referred to as "printing money," because the Fed has no actual money to buy the debt. It simply creates the dollars on computers. When Americans or foreigners purchase Treasury securities, they pay actual money. Some believe the Fed can continue to finance the deficits forever, because as long as they have computers, they can create more "money" as they have been doing.