The Lost City of Zarahemla - From Iowa to Guatemala and Back Again

Millions of people have read the Book of Mormon. Every one of them--whether believer, investigator, or critic--wonders where the events it describes took place. For almost 173 years, LDS historians, scholars, leaders and members have assumed the events occurred in Central America (Mesoamerica) because Joseph Smith wrote three editorials in the Times and Seasons that linked the Book of Mormon to Mesoamerica. 

But now, for the first time, we know he did not.

Not only did Joseph not write those articles, he opposed them and took action against them.

This thrilling book of factual historical research uncovers a stunning conspiracy between two people close to Joseph Smith that misled future generations of Mormons down to the present day. After decades of fruitless archaeological investigation in Mesoamerica--not a single piece of evidence there has ever verified or even corroborated the Book of Mormon--we finally know why nothing matches up.

The experts were looking in the wrong place.

Everyone interested in the Book of Mormon, LDS Church history, and human nature will find this book fascinating.

A bonus Section Two discusses how chiasmus and other Hebrew parallel structures in the Book of Mormon reveal an entirely new approach to Book of Mormon geography.


Please Don't Pull the Plug!

Kristi was a vibrant 30 year old mother of a disabled 3-year-old and a nursing infant son, when she developed hydrocephalus and underwent brain surgery.After many surgeries, her body reacted with severe symptoms and she lapsed into a non-responsive coma that lasted three months. The doctors performed a tracheotomy and used machines to help her breathe. She had a feeding tube to provide nutrients and was hooked up to other equipment to keep her alive. Well-meaning friends encouraged her husband to "pull the plug." A successful shunt implant gradually saw Kristi respond to voice commands, but she now was also dealing with blindness and quadriplegia. The long, painful road to recovery then began. She had several setbacks, including a bout of limb-destroying infection, grand mal seizures caused by IV antibiotics, two broken knees from a short fall, double pneumonia and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, double hip replacement surgeries, a catapult from her wheel chair which broke her right femur and left knee, staph infection in the incisions, and other serious problems. Kristi's illness had a profound effect on family and friends, and forever changed lives.

Please Don't Pull the Plug! is a powerful story about love, loss, endurance, and faith.


The 5 Hungers: Stealth appetites you can satisfy without overeating

Even in today’s well-fed world, we can't seem to satisfy our true hungers. The obesity epidemic is evidence that we continue to eat, not because we lack calories and nutrients, but because we're hungry for something else. these are the stealth appetites. THE FIVE HUNGERS reveals how to satisfy these appetites--without overeating. This book is the opposite of a typical diet book that tells you to deprive yourself more and be hungrier to lose weight. Eating is not the enemy. Food can and will be a satisfying--and health promoting--reward when you eat in response to your true hungers.

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Mr. Neville's legal books are available only in hardcover (paperback), while his novels are available both in hardcover and for the Kindle.

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The official reprint of the book that changed everything. The First Equal explains the motivation behind the Equalization Amendment. This edition includes the Appendix with the first revealing of the secret agents who helped secure passage of the Equalization Amendment.