Hi. I'm Beverly, author of The 5 Hungers. Thanks for visiting my web page. I could only fit so much information in my book, so I welcome this chance to share more material with you. I hope you'll get in touch with me, too.


I wrote The 5 Hungers to address problems that I've seen throughout my career. People need a simple way to remember basic principles of nutrition and health. My "Five Finger" system works because everyone takes it with them wherever they go. It's difficult to eat or drink anything without using your fingers. Hopefully this simple idea will help each of us make and keep commitments for a healthier, happier (and longer) life!

In my book I explain how each finger represents one of the basic five hungers we all experience. I discuss the science behind each one, but I focus on examples and stories that make these concepts clear and memorable. There is a separate chapter for each hunger.


In the Appendix, I discuss another favorite topic of mine: world hunger. I've traveled to every continent and seen the five hungers in many cultures. Yet I'm continually drawn to the problems of the poor and hungry, wherever they are. There is a lot we can do to help, and in so doing, we'll improve our own lives as well!