Review of The Rule of Equity

This plot is certainly original. The use of Native American rights as the focal point of a thriller is also an original combination... The ending successfully resolves all aspects of the storyline in a satisfying way. I love the way it hints toward a future outside of the book. 

The pacing in this manuscript is very strong. There were no sections that dragged, which is obviously ideal for a book of this genre. The balance between dialogue, description, and character introspection is also nicely done. 

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Caught Away


Caught Away is an exciting one-sitting page-turner read. One of its fascinating features is that it imagines not one but two new cultures, a realistic dystopian near-future Earth and an alien race (not to mention dogs and alien bears). Especially impressive is that the dystopian future does not presuppose a war or natural or environmental catastrophe, but rather is built from political and ideological trends which are very real in our contemporary society. And the action never stops. Looking for the sequel ASAP.

A Novel that Plays with Life

The Demolition Worker of the Literary Scene

Would We Have Laughed?


There is just one reason | Reader's Choice

RD: But didn't you say you needed a reason to write?
CB: That is true, but you should be careful to talk about it. It wouldn't even be possible to define it. (Laughs.) I hope I am never able to do that, because if I knew from the start exactly what my motivation is, I could just stop right there and then, go work in my yard, and be happy.

The Small Town Agony | New York Times

NYT: Jonathan Neville, is seems no matter what you try your hand at is a success. We in New York read your books, shake our head, and would rather return back to our parties, but there is this small part in us that continues to bother us in a wonderful way, just like an olive that has fallen into a cocktail it does not belong in. We are upset all night long. And so finally we start reflecting. This basically describes theNeville effect...
CB: Thanks. I would call that calculated truth.